Thursday, October 16, 2008


Finally, Storefront reopened to the public, and an enormous crowd came to help us open with a bang. The night of the vice-presidential debates was an opportune time to kick off the White House Redux show, and it made sense that we would incorporate the debate broascast into our opening celebration. The gallery was packed and the sidewalk overflowed with people. Too bad Gwen Eiffel was not around to keep us polite.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


To celebrate the inauguration of Storefront's restored facade, we hosted a dinner to thank those who made the restoration possible. We seated everyone at a one long table that filled the gallery.

To cater our event we asked Thiru Kumar and Veronica Julien to bring their portable kitchens to our curb. Shown below are Thiru, the “Dosa Man,” of NY Dosas serving up Sri-Lankan style vegan fare and Veronica of Veronica's Kitchen ladling out her famous oxtail soup. Both Kumar and Julien were both honored by the Vendy Awards in 2007.


Packed and shipped!
To get your own book, stop by the gallery or order online!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Final (Breathless) Blast

Blogging has been slow - we hardly have time to breathe getting everything finished for tomorrow. Here's a quick set of images documenting what's been going on in the the last couple of days. More on Flickr.

Pernilla has spent a few vexing hours making mapping a layout of the White House Redux entries . Lucky she's really good at Tetris. This is her last exhibition install at Storefront - she'll be badly missed!

Cesar trying to figure out Pernilla's diagram.

Daniel, Storefront's sound artist in residence, fine-tuning the audio setup.

The barricade is finally coming down - Storefront revealed! No lettering yet, though.

Lotsa trash.

Susannah and Katherine geting up close and personal with some styrofoam blocks.

Takes some concentration.

The letters are back! Turns out the old ones were beyond repair, which is a pity, but they did a great job fabricating the new ones.

Anagram time. Again.

The letters are going up! It's going to look good.

We're pretty pleased with how the interior's shaping up, too.

See you soon! If you're anywhere withing a 500 mile radius of NYC, come to the Grand Unveiling on thursday at 7pm. Hopefully we'll get at least one more post up before then...

Thursday, September 25, 2008


The styrofoam backings for the White House Redux installation arrived this morning. Because the gallery space is still due for a coat of paint on the floor, we have to store the foam blocks in the basement office. "It's a foam party," said Susannah Bohlke, Storefront's Programs and Development Officer. Storefront's employees are also learning today that styrofoam has a unique smell. "It's sweet like honey, but not in a good way," Ms. Bohlke commented.

We are currently looking for a nice home for the styrofoam to land post-exhibition. Perhaps we can turn them into centerpieces?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Looking at the state of the gallery this evening you'd never guess that one week from today everything will be finished, the place will be cleaned up, there will be an exhibition on the walls and there will be many (dare we hope several hundred?!) beautiful people milling around with glasses of prosecco in their hands...


But they will. Everything is very nearly finished, and on Friday the installation of White House Redux will begin. In the meantime, Storefront's untiring team of faithful volunteers is in action mailing out the reopening newsletter (don't be fooled by the beers - it's hard work.)



The newsletter, incidentally, contains a really beautiful poster-size exploded axonometric of Storefront created by Pernilla - if you're not on our mailing list, you can pick one up at the reopening party.